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cancer. how a forrer n-f-l player is leading the charge. on ox 45 news at five..3 3
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3 it's our free-bruuary giveaway! giveawaa!everyday in february we're giving away 100- dollars an hour. &phour. 3 óóóóóó yoo have 30 ,3 minutes to call s at the screen.if you don't call in.. -3 your prize rolls over into the next hour for someone else to win! 3 boo.. go to facebbok ddt com & out the can also go & there to read
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3 complete contest thhre to read complete contest rules. 3 3 p
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3 3 anne arundellcounty -3 has a new countyyexecutive. 3 the county council chose laura neuman to be the judge found former xecutive - countt of miiconduct in office. neuman ... - a republican .. was selectee thursday ffom 16 candidates... -33 including ffrmer first of marrlanddlldy kendall & exxcutivv john hammond. & 3 3 3- 3 -& 33 3 nnuman is the hief &pexecutive officer of oward county's economic developmeet authoritt. she will serve the 22 months left oo phe term.
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p3 33 a senate committee approves aa bill repealing marrland'' deathhpenalty.. 3 in annapolis the judiciall proceedings committee okaaed the measure which i endorsed by governor o'malley. opponents of capital &ppunishment says it's raaially biased. but onn & seeator says it's still needed heinousscrimes. & (brochinn ""t is unthiikable toome that somebody, thee murderer of ssrah oxwell, hee raped and murdered that nine year old girl n christmms day ii 2009 coull walkkinn30 yeaas &pand we won't remember who she murderer iss the guy will be 55 years oll and he'll be walkkng the streets gain." - 3 the measure passed in a six to fivv vote. the ull senate s expected to begin he bill next weeek 3 mmryland lawmakers areeinttoducinn a biilltoo legalize marijuana. the bill would allow the drug to be used by anyone 21 and regulaae and tax it like &palcoholl. delegate curt nderson introduced the bill thursday ... n it the
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marlyand cooptrrller would licenseemarijuana retail stores, wholesale and ttsting facilities. proceeds would fund trretment programs to ppevent alcohol, tobacco and drug abuss. p3 the f-b-i is cracking down on & sexting... among its employyees that's according to poofidential, internal f-b-i reportts.. obtained by c-n--. & they how that there's been a recent spike n the umber of employees sing their government-issuud devices... -3&pphooos.workers have been reminded that theephoons aae for officcal use only..- 3&p winttry weather &pshould die down before hitting pballimore... buu it plummeted -3 the midwest. -33 thurrday ... more than foot of snow and ffeezing rrin blanketee parts of miisouri, kknsas and nebraskaa sllppery -3 conditiins ae tooblame or & two deatts so far after drivers lost control of the 3 officials areeurging esidents to stay home anddoof roaaways. 3 "if you don't hhve to get out today, ddn't! please just stay hhme. it elps us be abll to pleaa the roads off."
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off." the storm is & expected to mooe eaat.. at least 24 states will -&pbe affected. &p&&p aapopular commany & is recaalinn ens of thousands oo poundd of mmat. &p3 smithfiild packing company has issued a recall for 38-thousand pounds of "gwaltneeymild pork sausage &prool"" after mall pieces of plastic were ffund inside. &p the meat was sold n maryland, d-c, nee yorkk new jjesey, pennsylvania among otter states. smithfield says the pieces of plastic probably came from gloves. ttere haae been o reportt of 3 americans are eatinn less fast food than they used to. according o the c-d-cc... ffom 2007 to 2010 ... u-s their daily calories from fast 3 from nearly 13-percent ii 2006. the rrport also found hat african &pamericans ate ore faat foods thhn hites and hispanics. 3 ate more fast foods than seniors.
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3 the b-more -healthy expo returrs to baltimore... tomorrow... saturday,,february 23rd. -3 can gee ealth állveá ennertainment... a fit &pann fun kids zone... and much much more.the b-more healthy expo startssat 10 a-m at the baltimore convention center. -3 wwell see you theee! 3 it's a hance toossep bbck in time, ann leern new facts & about oneeof our country's - most important times. -3 times. the b&o railroad museum's display on theeccvil war, hows how dangerous it waa on the rails, buu thiss & weekend, there's a new way to tell the story for he whole family. joel d. ssith is llve noo wiih more f thhoee joel d. p3 -&
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3 coming up on the early edition... fghting autism wwth sppecal food. food."most ressaaraats wiil never do what i do or ever be do
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it." it."how a maryyann restaurant 3 3 3 ((break 1))
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33 ((bump in))
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3 ((ad lib meteorollggst)) 3-3 meteorologist))((ad lib
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3&p3 meteorooogist)) 3 ((traafic reporter ad libss) map green map 40 maop
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3 -3& 3 3 3 3 3 coming up... michhel phelps out of the pool... and onto phe ball ffell. -3& pield.the new project... that had the bbltimore bulllt...
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& taking a few swings at spriig training. 3 23:57:45 "and i wws like what are you thinking?!" -3 thinking?!"serviig up a maryland restaurant iis &pcaterinn to customers... with 3 3 ((breakk2))
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[ harry umlaut ] here we go. [ sally umlaut ] what? the five stages of muller. ah yes... stage one: suspicion. "it's a yogurt how good can it be?" stage two: revision. "actually, this ain't bad." stage three: surprise! "look at this cool cornery thing! i love this stuff!!" stage four: desolation. "it's gone!" stage five: anticipation "i guess i could always have another"... "have you been through the five stages of muller yet?" "yeah, just now." [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. -3 & food alleegiesscan makk it difficulttto dine out.few ccefs cattr to customers with
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special dietaay needs... bbt ii today's cooer story... - melinda roeder introducee us serving up hope... and careffee cuisine... to &ppustomers wiit everything ffom & celiac disease to autism. 3 23358:28 "one dish cuisine is a place of hope for people with ann restrictions to be 3 ellicott city...customers with even the most restrictive 40::6 - nats of bell (order cooking nats stiiring beef & this itchen... is made to order... wwth are... by ccef 3 are people who come in whh &phave not beennout to eat in - yeaas., haae not had aa -3 cheesesteak in years."to ensure o croos contamination....gloves re changed coossantty... evvrything is divided - and handless- indicate luten 3&pproductt will ever touch tte &ppan or utensil's all part of owner's viiiin to serve... veryone.23:59:11 "most restaurants will never
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do what i o or ever be able to, ut somebody has to do it." maureen birk understandd... howwdifficult ttcan be... too &pdine out on restricted diet. sseewas diaggosed with celiacc 3 "sooit was realll hard inn 1988. no internet, no & othing. i just had to figure it oot."she spent years figuring it out..."workaround" & gluten-ann-daary free tt a ockkveesion oo 3 to live n- herself.but several years ago... wwen her nephew devin wws diagnooed with autism... her meelss.. dootor's orddr... her ister decided to remove all glutens & and dairy proteins froo devinns diet.....23:57:45 "and i was like diet's nottgonna fix autism. what are you thinking?!"to her surprise... it orkedd.. devin did a cooplete turnaround.23:59::2 completelyywalkkng, taaking, & soccalizing, ppaying ports." but the cure-by-cuisine method makes it almost impossible for familiessto find anythingg suitable on most menus.a dilemma maureen had moosly gotten used to...22:58:12 "but phhn my llttle neppewwcouldn't
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-3&peat, i wws livid and i wwnted - to something and make this 3 when sheestarted catering to makkng meals that re heelth - is thh selllng point to me. it - doesn't like speeial fooo if &pyou will. it tastes like normal food."laary hhll alss -3 has celiac disease. a diaggose with a heaping --3 portion of dissapointment. wweat in it. licorice has -3 wheat iiit! how fair is that? i love licorice."erin wwllace: 13:266"it's just so nice to bee pble to comeeto a place wheree & you don't have to check the innredients or wondering wallace and her om aae - regulars...both have wheat andd soy intolerance.11:17 "this has bben fantastic for us. i prrbably come here three or four times a eek just because it's sooeasy and reliible."thh owners aae hought of everythingg ffrmmthe stooage containers... to the coffee creamer.nnt alleegies??? - there iin't a peanut in this ppace. and to simplify the menu...the nggedieets are
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color-coded too.01:28:14 & "those who aae gluten free, but can have eal dairy... green label... blue label."and á01:28:31"so this pizza is &&pgluten ree, egg free, soy &pfrre, nut free and fiih ffee." 3 the staff is used to seeing & ustomers smile - ometimes cry.grateful just to be able to eet... in a reallrestaurant. -& 23:52:07 "you just anna cry because you feel heii ain and you just wanna make it go away."the painstaking -3preparation... the research... -3 the's all a labor of love...madeefrom sccatch... 02:000"this laac - is dedicated toodeein. he's - who inspired me to do more." melinda roeddr... fox 44 news at ten... 3 the owners' nnphew is doing wellllivinggin massachhsetts.áone dish &pcuisineá is now catering to several local hospitals ann other restaurantt too. & 3 coming up n our 6 ooclock pour... michael jackson's -3 mother scores a victory in court. court.the face-to-face mmeting
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phe's been granted... with the doctor convicteedin hee son's death. 3 tte loyola greyhounns take the field tonight,,, as the defending n-c- double-a lacrosse champions.the high - ranking the team is carrring & into its home opener. 3 ((break 33)
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i'm lorenzo. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service® works for thousands of home businesses. because at® you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service® no business too small.
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3- 3&pcoming up in our 6 o'clocc hour... taking extreme measures... to steer clear of diiasters.the major home renovation one family
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